Automobile Accidents

/Automobile Accidents

These accidents involve cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.  All too often, there is also liquor liability and other factors to be considered.  All sensitive and complex matters that require extensive experience to effectively investigate, settle claims and litigate accompanying lawsuits.

Consultation with a skilled attorney is advisable right away, even while receiving initial medical attention and recovering.  There is evidence to gather, and an experienced lawyer can help keep the insurance companies at bay and the process moving forward while you get your life back together.

We have the experience, and skills, to help every step of way.  From medical bills to insurance, we’ll guide you through it all.  You can depend on us for skilled negotiation, aggressive litigation and discovery, steady mediation, and the willingness to take your matter all the way to trial if warranted and required.

While you get back on your feet, we’ll handle it all.