Following a divorce or separation, a parent may wish to relocate with the parties’ children. Whether you are the parent wishing to relocate, or the parent seeking for the minor children to remain, relocations are not easy. If a parent wishes to move from the principal residence in excess of 50 miles (as the crow flies) for a period of more than 60 consecutive days (not including a temporary absence for purposes of vacation, education, or health care reasons), same constitutes a relocation. Prior to doing so, a parent should seek approval from the Court by filing a Petition for Relocation, as outlined in Florida Statute 61.13001.

A parent may seek to relocate for a variety of reasons, such as a job opportunity, to move closer to family, or more. The attorneys at Koltun Lazar Laleh have assisted parents on both ends of a relocation case. Whether you are the parent seeking to relocate, or whether you are the parent seeking to prevent the relocation of the child, contact us for a consultation so we can discuss your options with you.