Premises Liability

/Premises Liability

Claims for Premises Liability typically involve negligence on the part of the owner of a property that resulted in injury or loss.  Commonly these are businesses, from the gas station to the ATM, hotels to the grocery store and garages to shopping center parking lots. Public and private property is also subject to the law. So the events leading to claims can take place most anywhere.

When property owners are negligent, they are responsible for damages, including medical costs and lost wages and more, and there is a broad spectrum of Premises Liability claims.  Someone may have slipped and fallen on a wet floor, tripped in a poorly-lit stairwell, or some poorly placed merchandise may have rained down upon them in a retail store.  The things that happen all the time.

These cases are also vigorously defended.  Individuals considering filing this kind of claim should seek medical attention and legal advice.  Documentation of the injury is required, and photographs and witnesses advised.  The attorneys defending against you are hired by insurance companies and are instructed to regularly deny claims in the hopes you will give up.  With decades of Premises Liability experience that we’ll put to work for you, we’ll show them you won’t.