Modifications of Agreements

/Modifications of Agreements

If your circumstances have changed since entering into an Agreement with your former spouse or partner, you may qualify for a modification of your Agreement.

A former spouse or parent may seek to modify and/or enforce a Marital Settlement Agreement, a Parenting Plan, a Time-Sharing Schedule, so forth.

If you are having trouble paying your obligations to no fault of your own, time is of the essence to obtain relief and/or a modification from the Courts.

If you are having trouble because the other party does not comply with his or her obligations pursuant to an Agreement or Court Order, whether it is financial or otherwise, then you will need the Court to enforce your Agreement or Court Order. The Court has several tools available to it, in order to ensure that each party does what he or she agreed or was ordered to do.

We are here to guide you through the modification and/or enforcement process, so contact Koltun Lazar Laleh to have your questions answered.