Negligent Security

/Negligent Security

Negligent Security laws are a reflection of our times.  Security is a priority, and today it is viewed by law as a citizen’s basic right.  For this reason, property owners are required to provide adequate security in places known to be dangerous.  This means it is a property owner’s responsibility to look ahead, and anticipate trouble.  Failure to do this creates their liability for a negligent security claim.

Unique to these cases is that the places where these incidents occur are both what you’d expect and many you might not.  It’s not just dimly-lit ATMs, garages, parking lots or stairwells, but anywhere where light and security is inadequate relative to foreseeable danger. Because in areas known to be more dangerous, such as those with a higher level of criminal activity, the property owner, knowing this, must take extra security precautions.

Liability must be proven, and doing that requires documentation, evidence and legal expertise that comes from experience.  We’ve successfully handled these cases for decades.  We know the ropes, we know the law and we’ll fight for you.